Let's Hear It For The Girls

Galentine's Day is all about ladies celebrating ladies. And with that I wanted to celebrate my new found love of lingerie, something that makes me feel the most womanly.

Most of my life I thought lingerie was only for someone else. It always seemed overly done up, too sexy of a vibe for me and uncomfortable to wear.  Anytime I tired it on I felt out of my element. Like I was wearing a costume, rather than my own clothing.

That was until I found bralettes!

A few years ago while I was shopping for a hot weather vacation, I noticed a black lace bralette from the Ashley Graham collection. In my mind, bralettes were only for women with smaller chests, that didn't need much support.  I really liked the look of it, so on a whim I tried it on. From that day on, I have bought almost every colour it has been offered in and a small army of black.

I wear them under sheer tops, as a daily support and when I want to put "something sexier on". The lace makes me feel feminine. The gold hardware details, a signature of the Graham collection, makes me feel polished. But most importantly the fit and feel makes me feel like myself, making me feel sexier in it.

While I was doing some online shopping I came across this baby pink bralette. I was curious because I loved the colour combo and detailing. I liked that it had a wider band, which I really love from my staple AGs, but I was wary of the underwire and back hook and eye closure. Going from soft support to something with a more traditional fit and structure could be more of that old lingerie "discomfort" I wanted to move away from. But I mean, look at her...she was too cute to pass up!  Once trying it on though, there was nothing to be concerned about.  The lift was amazing, but I didn't feel constricted.  I'm feeling my pink retro Barbie fantasy.   

I may have celebrated my own, ahem, ladies, this Galentine's Day, but I hope that you will join me in embracing your sexy side in whatever makes you feel your best. Get comfortable, take a selfie and celebrate!  We deserve it. And if you want to share that with someone, go a head!  But if it's just for you, that's perfect too. Happy Galentine's Day everyone!