People that know me best, know me as Biffi.  As a Torontonian, I love my city's vibe, culture and fashion.  As a fashion designer, I draw inspiration from the world around me.

I see myself as an advocate of body acceptance and feeling confident in the body you have, no matter what size.  Fashion is not about a tiny tag with a number on it, it's about expressing yourself and your personality.  To me fashion is for everyone, and you should make up your own rules.

Just Biffi is a personal blog about me and my lifestyle, that i create with my photographer Fiancée, elliot parrott.  Here I'll showcase my style, OOTD, my love of plus size fashion, my addiction to all things beauty, as well as my growing interests in home decorating and crafting.  I'll share tutorials, personal adventures, the secret life of a fashion designer and I'm sure so much more!  also, I'm a huge dog lover.  My sweet boy, Wilbur, makes many appearances on my social media.  I want to share a more intimate look into my life and work.  And I hope you'll come to know me as my friends do, as just Biffi.