Bathing Belle Swimwear

Bathing Belle Swimwear is located at 355 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto

Summer, might be coming to an end, but I plan on keeping the summer spirit alive, because I’m headed on vacation in a week!  Next Sunday, Elliot and I, will be arriving in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, for a week’s stay at an incredible adults only, all-inclusive resort.

After booking our package the hunt for swimwear began.  I had picked up a few pieces from different places, all of which I will be showing off on the blog, when we get back (and I’m sure in many sun and sand filled instagram posts).  While the pieces I found are cute and some a little sexy, I really just wanted to find something special and unique.  That’s when I came across a friend’s insta-story, of a cute swimwear boutique, featuring unusual prints and the option of custom pieces.  Enter Bathing Belle Swimwear!

Following the tag in the story to Bathing Belle’s instagram, I instantly knew that this was the place for me!  I was even more excited after getting off the phone with Danica Salajko, the owner, head designer and creative soul behind the shop.  We set up an appointment for my consultation and preliminary fitting, in which I would get a sense of fit, fabrics and options, to build my custom swimsuit.

Located on Roncesvalles Avenue, above the Old Country Shop, Bathing Belle Swimwear, is a burst of colour and fun.  After being greeted by the ever changing display window, you enter a stairwell plastered with giant green palm leaves.  Once you get to the top, there is even more colour and pattern to welcome you into the electric world of Danica’s creations.  The boutique is clean and airy, giving you beach vibes through and through.  It also features one of the most incredible change rooms, tailor made for a mid fitting selfie, including a picture perfect flamingo wall and vintage boudoir sofa.

Designer and owner Danica Salajko | Barbie and Ken helping with fabric selection

Learning the ropes while working with her mother at her custom swimwear shop, Danica decided there needed to be more whimsy and playfulness when it came to suits. Danica got started with children’s pieces and then made the move to simple tank suits for women, in anything but simple prints.  Building on her custom success and the need for more space, Danica officially opened Bathing Belle Swimwear, February of 2018.

When you meet Danica she is warm, inviting and pure fun.  She admittedly loves to hide pictures of penises in her photos and dresses up as Weird Al for the Polish Festival that happens on the street below her shop every year.  But don’t let her free spirit fool you, she knows what she’s doing.  Working along side a past sewer of her mother’s, Jennifer, they create beautiful pieces that fit every body type and need.  Danica thinks of everything and knows what will work best on you.

I got the chance to sit down with Danica, to hash out some ideas I had and pick out fabrics.  I initially wanted a white suit, but after spending a few minutes looking at all the different prints, some custom made for Danica, I knew that I needed something that you couldn’t get anywhere else.  Otherwise, why do custom?  Danica showed me a few pieces and got me to try on a couple of different bottoms and tops to give me the idea of what the final piece would look like and get a sense of my sizing.

With my vacation only a few weeks away at the time of our first meeting, my first fitting was set for only a week-ish after our first consultation.  As a designer myself, that is very impressive!  The turn around time is about 2 weeks to get your suit made, so even if you’re pretty last minute, there is still time to get your hands on something custom.  And obviously there are plenty of in stock options to choose from as well.

Now that we are a week away from our departure, I have my custom suit and custom coverup (of course I got a custom cover up!  It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before). I could not be happier with my final pieces.  The quality is amazing, the fabric is so special and it fits me like a glove!

Trying on one of Bathing Belle's most popular plus styles

I will be posting about my custom Bathing Belle pieces in a devoted post following our return from Punta Cana. But, until then, check out Bathing Belle Swimwear for yourself.  Also if you are in the neighbourhood during the Polish Festival, happening September 15th to 16th, keep an eye out for a Weird Al-clad Danica, on the street in front of Bathing Belle.  There will be sale items available and some special offers with purchase!  And grab some sausage while you’re at it, it might even come in a swimsuit print!