Halloween Times Three

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  I love the holiday season, and I especially love that it all kicks off with one of the best days of the year - HALLOWEEN!

I try my best to not work during Halloween, as to go big for the actual day of, but this year we had a grand opening event at my day job, so it was all hands on deck. And with the event came a Halloween themed weekend (the next best thing to being off), so you know I had to come correct!

I didn’t realize it, but all my looks this year were based on Tim Burton films. I really wanted to do looks that were makeup focused and the clothing needed to be all black (for work). For my first look I wanted a lot of drama, and what could be more dramatic than the Queen of Hearts?  I went all in for the paint job here. I created this full look with MAC acrylic paint, eyeshadows and liquid lipstick.

For day two, (which was an early shift) it needed to be impactful but easy. Enter Lydia Deetz. This is a look I’ve done for ‘work Halloween’ before, but I really nailed it this year. I wanted to do a look that spoke to both the iconic movie and took elements from the old morning cartoon.

For my last Halloween look, for October 31st, I had a late shift, which meant I had a lot more time to paint.  When I found the yarn wig I knew there was only one choice for my last Halloween look of 2018 - Sally from The Nightmare Christmas!  To create this look, again I used MAC acrylic paints, eyeshadows and liquid lipstick. A lot of people told me I was scary, which wasn’t the intent, but when you create an optical illusion, it can freak people out.


We actually had a contest at work for the best Halloween looks over the three days and I’m proud to say I won all three days!  An honourable mention also goes out to the couples costume that Elliot and I wore to our friend’s costume birthday party the week before - Bob and Linda from Bob’s Burgers. It was fun and easy, with the best wigs!

Now that the sugar high has worn off from discount candy, time to look to the rest of the holiday season and many exciting things to come from it!