First comes love, then comes...

jacket - Le Château | sweater - Arie | jeans - Reitmans | shoes - Call It Spring | earrings - H&M

Eight years ago, today, Elliot and I went on our first date.  One week after re-connecting on Plenty of Fish (yes...we met of POF) and chatting on the phone nightly, we decided we needed to see each other IRL.  For our date we went to dinner at a now closed Italian restaurant, BarOne, near my former Queen West apartment.  He was so nervous that he could barely make his order.  I thought it was sweet, and refreshing.  We use this date as our anniversary, because we have been together ever since.  It was a fast love, and something that I don’t think either of us expected.

When I was a little girl, I never thought I would find love, let alone be engaged!  Call it insecurity, call it the byproduct of growing up fat, call it teen angst.  Whatever you call it, I could not have been more wrong.  When I started dating I never really felt comfortable.  I always thought I needed to be something I wasn’t for the guy to like me.  One of the things I’ve always loved about Elliot is that he never wanted me to be anything, but who I am.  He loves me for me.  He’s my direct opposite in so many ways, but also the only compliment to those differences.

leather jacket - Zara | earrings - Aldo Accessories

To celebrate our love, and our creative marriage that is making JustBiffi together, I wanted to share our engagement photos here.  Elliot is usually behind the camera, with me in front.  But in this case he played both photographer and model, with me directing.  We shot on one of the first really cold days of the season.  With Wilbur joining us, it was a long day of repeating shots over and over until we got it just right.  But like our love, the wait was worth it.  I love how these photos turned out.

Sending a happy anniversary to my love, my fiancé.  You mean more than I could ever express in words.  Love you.